Long before we opened our doors in 1995, Winona Foods was built on a cheese-making heritage. The managing partners at Winona Foods began their journey working at family-owned cheese companies, where they learned the art of cheese making and the pride of quality and customer service.  Since then, Winona Foods has expanded their focus in the areas of foodservice, industrial ingredients, retail and co-packing industries.  Our dedication to providing the highest quality portfolio of products, a dedicated customer service team and exceeding industry standards, makes Winona Foods a leading manufacturer in the industries.


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By utilizing our products, resources and technology, “Imagine the Possibilities®” Winona Foods can bring to your business. 


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Industrial Ingredients

Our ingredients are of the highest quality to meet your needs. Whether you require processed cheese or other ingredients, we can help.  learn more
Winona Ingredients


Our foodservice brand owners, distributors and operators require quality and flexible cheeses and oils with various sizes and packaging, and we deliver. 

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Winona Foodservice


Our brand owners demand high quality, speed and delicious tasting product.

Beverage copacking capabilities


Our selection of branded cheese and oils and more are ideal for supermarkets and c-stores  looking for quality assortments to drive sales.learn more